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We act and work with integrity, reliability and collaboration

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We keep our promises, take responsibility and are ethical
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We are responsive and make ourselves available when you need us

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We are proactive, strategic and practical in response to your needs
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We deliver excellence through consistent, clear and open communication

About SER Solutions

SER Solutions was established as a truly independent consultant, focussing on the mining sector. It was born from an identified need for consulting services that concentrate first and foremost on delivering the client’s success. We provide a practical pathway to achieve the guidance of the company strategy and delivery of supporting operational results.

The SER Solutions team are selected for their results in making the decisions and guiding the outcomes you need in your business, based on similar situations throughout their own careers. They’ve been in your position and provide that critical experience to you, now.

In addition to our core team of seasoned experts, SER Solutions partners with other professional disciplines, as necessary, to ensure we deliver the optimum complement of business skills for our clients.

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