How do you employ staff feedback in your business?

Staff Feedback – it is essential for performance


A small team of casual peak-relief drivers was employed by a delivery company. The drivers came from various work backgrounds and experience. They were only recently employed and were required for a limited peak-period tenure.

In a pre-start meeting one morning, a driver raised concerns about one type of vehicle, in the non-uniform, hired fleet. The previous day was wet, and the driver found that low load mass, combined with the wet road, made the vehicle prone to losing rear axle traction on corners and turns. Other drivers acknowledged their similar experience.

Following the pre-start, the driver asked the supervisor not to be issued the suspect vehicle. The supervisor’s response was along the lines of ‘… so I have to give this to someone else?’

If we are to ensure that we develop and maintain a work environment where safety, efficiency and continuous improvement are key success criteria, this situation will be unacceptable.

A better outcome would have been for the supervisor to investigate the complaint, to determine its validity and impact. Interviewing other drivers to find out their experience, a physical inspection of the vehicle, comparison of it against the other types in the fleet which have not attracted complaints, were warranted. 

It is essential to recognise the flags of unsuitable asset performance, early on, from staff feedback. Analysis of this feedback should lead to corrective or preventative action to be employed to avoid injury, damage, or loss in service.


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