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Between 12-26% of investment is lost on average through poor performance and process. 

 At SER Solutions, we work with capital intensive organisations to provide them with the capital confidence they need to succeed. When it comes to capital investments in Australia, research shows that on average 12-26% of the investment is lost through poor performance and process. Can you afford to take this risk? Download our free information pack today to find out how we can become your partner in success.  


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 What Is A Capital Intensive Company?


The term “capital intensive” refers to common business processes and industries that require high capital investment, in order to produce a goods or service. They generally have a high percentage of fixed assets such as property, plant, and equipment. Common capital intensive industries operating in Australia include the mining, metals, gas, heavy manufacturing, bulk transport, ports and logistics sectors.

In a perfect world, capital is invested to acquire new, improved, or additional assets for expansion, new product manufacture, increase efficiency, in order to add greater value to the existing business. Although the actual inclusions may vary depending on your industry – one way or another, capital should be used as an investment to increase a company’s profit over the course of trading.

Most capital intensive companies and operators are familiar with delivering capital investments via projects. Investments often represent significant cost, and are complex in nature, requiring specialist skills and effort to deliver. To manage this, companies will often engage external contractors such as business consultants in an effort to assist in this process, which is very much an efficient use of skills and resources when we think “big picture”.

Pairing Business Management Consultantcy And Capital Investment

The very nature of a business consultant, or management consultant is to be a strategic problem solver. Other key requirements usually include a high degree of communication skills, flexibility, business acumen and of course, technical experience.

Without a doubt, a business consultant needs to know their way around how the capital investment lifecycle works, and so should any high level executive within a capital intensive business. If you’re a high level executive working within a capital intensive company but you don’t think that the services of a business consultant are required, then ask yourself the following:

Do we have any measurable way of assessing if we are purchasing and investing in the correct assets?

How will our current and future assets help to improve the bottom line for our operation?

How much will our current and future assets cost in terms of ongoing maintenance and repairs, both foreseen and unforeseen?

Is there better value in replacing the current assets, or servicing and maintaining them instead?

If you don’t have the answers, then your assets and projects may not be performing the way that they were planned to. Much like when you buy a car, you’ll often get a logbook and (ideally) service it regularly – and maintaining your capital intensive assets is no different. It’s important to remember that capital investment assets are laying the foundation for future profits, so making a conscious effort to monitor and make these last is crucial. If you’re ready to take a good hard look at optimising your capital investments, then now is the time to speak to a professional business consultant.  

Do you have the people, process and culture to deliver on time, on budget and safely? 


Not sure? Then now is the time to take a different approach.

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