Who really bears the risk in a contract for services or works?

We have a serious perspective issue, when it comes to the concept of which party actually bears the risk for any works or services, in the engineering and scientific space. Similar to those keen folks who believe their contract is “watertight,” an awful lot of time...

Separate the urgent from the important

Separate the Urgent from the Important Capital Confidence “I’m so busy…” Heard that before? Seems everyone nowadays has a life so full of important-ness and busy-ness. Its not real, it’s a comfort. Trouble is, its unhealthy and very ineffective. It is prevalent, when...

The myth of size (in the professional consulting business)

The myth of size (in the professional consulting business) Capital Confidence A common behaviour of buyers of business services, in certain markets, is “If we buy services from a big firm, we’ll be OK.”  The logic is a larger company has undeniable credibility,...

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