Fundamentals of a successful feasibility study.

If these key actions are addressed and ultimately met, then your chances of delivering a successful project increase exponentially. 

Are your projects viable?  

With no globally accepted standard for feasibility studies, it’s not surprising that on average, capital projects in Australia exceed their predicted feasibility cost estimates by 25%.

Is that a gamble that you’re willing to take?  

If not, then download our comprehensive feasibility study checklist that highlights the seven key fundamental steps you need to take to ensure your projects success.

 Do you have the people, process and culture to deliver your projects on time, on budget and safely?  

 At SER Solutions, we work with capital intensive organisations to provide them with the capital confidence they need to succeed. When it comes to capital investments in Australia, research shows that on average 12-26% of the investment is lost through poor performance and process. Can you afford to take this risk? Download our free information pack today to find out how we can become your partner in success.  


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 What Is A Mining Feasibility Study?


Are your projects viable? Conducting a mining feasibility study is just a small part of understanding the capital investment lifecycle. Sourcing, developing and removing Australia’s natural resources is more than pulling rocks out of the ground – it requires in depth planning and assessment to ensure that the massive undertaking pays off, which is where the concept of a mining feasibility study comes into play. 

By definition, it is the analysis of all a project’s many factors, including economic, technical, legal and scheduling considerations – each of which can make or break a project’s likelihood of completion and success. 

The three primary pillars of a mining feasibility study include:

Scoping study

Pre-feasibility study

Definitive feasibility study

Do you have the people, process and culture to deliver on time, on budget and safely? 


The statistics that surround feasibility studies aren’t exactly positive. Published research shows that there are very few capital investments projects that meet the cost, time and production expectations defined in their feasibility studies.  

First and foremost, knowing exactly who to use to undertake the feasibility study is half the battle. While it’s not uncommon to opt for the very people who found the resource, a person with a multi-disciplinary background is usually better suited to a multi-disciplinary project. This is where the invaluable guidance of a specialised mining and resource sector adviser comes into play, to tie it all together. 


Do You Require Guidance With A Feasibility Study Within Australia, have you considered a feasibility study consultant?


SER Solutions founder Peter Crane has spent thirty years working with Tier One operating companies, assisting them deliver efficient capital investments, reducing waste, improving their performance and increasing investor confidence.

Armed with practical experience in engineering services, capital planning, project delivery, construction management and strategic asset management within the infrastructure and resources sector, SER Solutions offers a unique insight into operational roadblocks – and how to fix them. 

If you are a MD or CEO within Australia’s mining and resources sector, conducting feasibility studies on each of your major projects should always be a priority – so ensure that you partner with an industry professional who has the ability to think big. If you’re ready to partner with an advisor that will guide you towards tangible and positive outcomes within the resources sector, then why not schedule your free consultation with Peter and the team at SER Solutions today. 

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