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We help organisations plan and execute their capital infrastructure investment projects

We help organisations plan and execute their capital infrastructure investment projects

SER Solutions

We have found there are two periods in an Asset’s lifecycle where better decisions and behaviour can make a significant improvement on the ROI for that Asset.

The first is in the project definition phase at the front end of planning. This is delivered by strong and supportive governance.

The second is after the project has been handed over and is into its operational life. The key here is effective Asset Management. This is something beyond maintenance.

Working with Clients to understand their objectives, we plan how to deliver superior returns on their
capital infrastructure investments.



Business Solutions

Established new business stream by utilising and enhancing existing skills, reinvigorated culture to create a more creative environment, with engaged team members  and delivered multiple years of $20 million annual turnover with 7% gross profit

Saved $17.5 million in operating costs and cut triple handling of stock in a mineral export operation

Through redesign, optimised a bulk material handling system to enable a sustainable 24% production increase

Secured a $3.5 million asset management contract, by proving increased revenue with existing assets and improved procedures

Saved $1 million in lost production, by rapidly designing and delivering on-site post cyclone repairs


Project Solutions

Recovered a brownfield project over-expenditure of 20% through equipment and labour selection

Led the design team for the world’s (then) largest LNG export port in Qatar, TIC circa US$2bn

Saved over $40,000 in lost project fees by recovering and turning around stalled productivity and regained Client confidence

Led a bankable feasibility study on a new copper/gold mine, returning a positive recommendation.

Developed and led global energy and mining project delivery teams with up to 110 personnel